Rory McMahon Appears on PBS Frontline's Documentary "In The Shadow of 9/11"

We are thrilled to tell you that Rory McMahon appeared in the much-awaited documentary “In The Shadow of 9/11” on the case of the Liberty City Seven, sharing his insights gained while investigating the case back in 2006. The documentary was broadcasted on PBS Frontline this Tuesday, Aug 20, and will be aired in the UK on Channel 4 later this month.

About Rory J. McMahon

Rory is a Florida-based veteran private investigator, former U.S. Probation and Parole Officer, and the author of two textbooks on investigation. He is also a Certified Legal Investigator, a distinction held by fewer than one hundred investigators in the world, and the owner of McMahon and Associates Detective Division, which is a renowned and successful private investigation agency located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Why Rory McMahon Appeared in "In The Shadow of 9/11"

Not many people know this, but Rory has worked on some of the most renowned cases ever happened in the US. During his career as a private investigator, he had an opportunity to investigate the bizarre case of the Liberty City Seven, which hit the headlines when the FBI arrested seven men from the predominantly black neighborhood of Liberty City, Miami on charges of plotting to blow Chicago’s Sears Towers and go on a full ground war against the US.

Rory was hired as a private investigator by the defendants' attorney to look into the government operatives, who painted a dubious picture against the men. During this investigation, he gathered sufficient evidence that could prove the arrest of those men was no less than a sham — an attempt by the FBI to assure the nation that there will not be another attack on the US post 9/11.

Rory had worked with the director of the film Dan Reed for six years, helping him get a better understanding of the case and sharing his experience while he was investigating it.

What is the Documentary About?

The film “In The Shadow of 9/11” is one of the finest works of Dan Reed that took six years to finish. The film re-examines the forgotten case of the Liberty City Seven, which was a sensational news bite in June 2006, when the FBI arrested seven men of an obscure religious group called the Seas of David on charges of waging a war against the US, supporting al-Qaeda, and plotting to blow up the Sears Towers in Chicago.

However, the men had no connection to al-Qaeda, had no explosives, no weapons, and no history of terror or violence. Despite that, they were forced to plead guilty in the courtroom and were sentenced to prison. The film revisits the case through a series of audio recordings, surveillance footage, and interviews with the defendants, officers involved in the case, and investigators, including Rory McMahon, to shed fresh light on the case.

If you want to know more about the case and the role of Rory in making this film a reality for director Dan Reed, watch the document on PBS Frontline. today. You can also watch it by following this link.

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